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All the free slots are now taken. I still am holding orders for:







Please contact me if you no longer wish to order so I can free up a spot for something else. :)

Thank you all so much, and the second order is now in for printing.

The first one is still printing, apparently.image

I sent you a message about ordering one of these a while back, but I think it must have gotten lost in your inbox. D: If any become available, I would love to order one!




EDIT: oh it’s not displaying well: here’s the thing.

Or, I can accept this too. ^o^

A’s spirit was so strong though, that she re-emerged anew! She’ll strife and suffer all over again, without remembering her previous adventure, but maybe, when the end comes, so to will those memories return, and she will get to go home, finally, to that rest.


A DancingHare Art Giveaway!

It’s art time once more here at Handsome Tundras, and this week tundra would like to offer the chance to win some ridiculously adorable art by the ever-talented DancingHare! 

DancingHare has kindly offered to draw two winners a cute tundra of their choice (see header image for example). 

To Enter

  • Reblog with FR user ID and number
  • Likes do not count
  • In your reblog, please include the tundra you wish to have drawn by DancingHare
  • Descriptions of cute things the tundra may do is acceptable but not required
  • Giveaway ends Friday, April 12th at 23:59 FR time

We would also like to take this time to alert everyone to DancingHare’s commission information and also DancingHare’s fantastic skins and accents!

Much good luck to every dragon!

Dragonpuff, #32277

Vredrick, the Ice Tundra with an affinity for FIRE~

Vred's Threads

Or, if skins are a no go:

Nekkid Vred

Vred is the scientist, the inventor, the tinkerer, of my Lair. He picks at anything he can get his claws on, pulling it apart so he can put it back together, and generally causing some explosions and scorch marks along the way.  (He doesn’t quite have Circuit on him yet, but soon. Soooooon…)

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really not feeling the “crazed killer” vibe some people have adopted for the lore regarding TPP3. I really don’t get that feeling from A. And, honestly, it wasn’t A that was “killing” all the other kids that came before her. That was just us again guys. The Mob. We did that, not her.

So here’s my theory.
It must take an extraordinarily strong minded person to be able to host the Mob. The strain and pressure put on the host is enormous, and not everyone can handle it. Red was able to cope well enough, and later on, AJ was even able to rebel a bit against them.

But Slash? Camila and T? They couldn’t. The Mob was too much. They collapsed from the strain, and every time, the Mob was disgusted, and jumped to someone new. But A? A was special.

You see, A is a psychic girl. Like Sabrina. She is a very strong natural psychic actually, so strong that she ‘heard’ the Mob when it was at its peak, fighting the elite four via Red. So, she knew of its existance, and knew it would be coming back.

And when it descended on her home town, and her dear friends and boyfriend suddenly started to drop like flies into random comas, she knew what was happening. And she invited it in. To spare any more casualties.

But she had a plan.
She was moving away, to a whole other region, the very next day.

So she took the Mob. Saved the people she loved from more harm, and went into the back of the moving truck to sleep. And she slept there, for days, as the Mob battered at her mind, wanting out, wanting to PLAY, as she dreamed of dogs and pinballs.

And when she woke up in her new home, far enough away for the Mob to do no harm to her precious people, she let them have her body, to placate their anger.

Anarchy reigned; no democracy, no rebellion in sight.

But there was hope. A was a psychic, and as such, has an affinity for others like her.

One simple Abra heard her mind, locked behind the Mob. It heard, and came to her, and allowed the Mob to claim it. Because it wanted to help A. It would be her voice, her hands, in the journey where A had no say.

It would teleport her body to safety whenever A asked or it felt it was needed. Because it would protect her body for her as well as it could, until she could reclaim it.

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