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Halfway point BREAK TIME!

Back on LOIAO for the first time in what seemed like ages, first order of business was to say hello to every Endermander in the close vicinity. They were kinda clingy like that, always missing her when she left, several begging to be brought along on her questing in the other Lands. She couldn’t though, not with their nature being as it was. They probably wouldn’t be able to handle the brighter worlds, and they’d attack anything that looked at them, so they would hardly make friends. Still, the little posse of around ten Endermanders that had pretty much adopted her as ‘family’ and the house as ‘home’ needed some reassurance that she was always far too willing to give.

The little buggers had burrowed straight into her heart and had taken up gleeful residence. Blastedly cute little pink eyes demons!… Bah.

Once they had stopped crying for her attention, happy and satisfied that she was safe and staying for some time, the second order of business could commence. Time to take a moment for me, a day to sit down, sit back, and just chillax. She had been bopping all over the Incipisphere, kicking names and taking ass every step of the way, and she was tired. As Gamzee would say, time for a motherfucking break.

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Don’t cross the roads!…


That wasn’t exactly a whistle. That was an articulation of a whistle. Who used words to make a sound rather than actually making the sound? Tina did, that’s who. (She’s a special pumpkin like that.) It only happened sometimes though. Only when she was very impressed, very bewildered, or some combination of both. This time around, it was the combo that managed to make her speak her sounds.

Forget magnets. How did THIS even work?

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F’n magnets, how do they work?…

You know what’s tricky? Like, really tricky? Portals. Portals are hard. And a lot of the time, they suck too. You know why? Because they have a habit of turning you on your head if you’re not careful, so you always have to be mindful of your orientation when going in. Location is key too; the Portal will only spit you out in the way you are hoping it will if it has space to spit you out into. If it doesn’t, it’ll just toss you the other way, and that’s never fun.

Practicing hardly even helps either. She’d know, she’d done it bunches of times lately. That first Gate is practically a god-send, opening up so far away. That’s the only way she’d been able to find Imps to fight. While it was real convenient that the Endermanders protected the house, it had it’s drawbacks too. So, she’d been using that Gate to level-up, but even with all that jumping, she still managed to land on her proverbial face half of the time.

'Now you're thinking with Portals!' my ass. Aperture Science can suck it.

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If you are reading this, then you’ve completed the Official Kickstarter Comment Section Pixel Art Collab. You are truly an adult subgroup of a larger fandom.

I have never been more proud of you.

Thank you all for contributing to this project! We’ve finished it with 35 hours to spare! Please: Reblog!!! Show the other Homestucks what we’ve accomplished!

So much pride, my fandom, so much pride. <3

I contributed squares H1 (Upside-down Gcat), F7 (Lovestruck yet confused Lime), H12 (BAMF AR), and L13 (Top half of the Ghost Lemon Butt).

YES, I WAS THE ONE TO COMPLETE THAT BUTT. You can’t just leaving a ghost butt hanging, yah know? And that Lemon was just crying out to have such a boodilucious bod. ;D

I grin like an idiot whenever I think about it guys. LIKE A BLOODY IDIOT.

We are the very best of Hosts…

He thought it was going to be so cool. He would make the best entrance, one of the best, the very best! Much better than John did anyway. Crashing into things with his rocket-pack, that was not the way to go. But then again, Rose’s house hadn’t been built up like it should have for John to come through, so maybe he could be given a little credit for not falling to his doom.

STILL, his entrance was bound to be much cooler. Team Radical had been in constant contact about everything, so he knew that everyone’s houses were getting up there. Even though she had been the last one in, Tina had had no problem catching up. Her Grist stores were ENORMOUS. She and Gordon had been having a field day with it, if he remembered correctly. Lucky rich people…

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